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Talkversity Has Achieved...

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567 hours 

790 lessons 

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since July of 2020!


Our mission is to provide a diverse population of non-native speakers of English, ESL/ELL students certain services, which can help them overcome their linguistic barriers. The organization and the programs offered are mostly devoted to teaching and improving students' English skills, but also promote teens to take on different volunteer opportunities, and to learn about civic engagement, community service, and develop some leadership skills.

Our programs

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Tutor Buddies

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Our tutor buddy program is to help students that are struggling with language barriers in their classes. The program will pair the student up with an older buddy who is fluent, and the buddy will tutor them. With help from their tutors, the student can learn vocabulary and figure out how to get through their assignments and homework.

Conversation Partners


The purpose of our conversation partners program is to connect students with a partner that will work with them to improve their conversational language in English, a critical skill in life. While forming a tight-knit bond between the two partners and fostering a genuine friendship, we hope to boost children's English conversational language.


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